Northern Tool Wood Splitter Options

You know that you have choices when it comes to buying a wood splitter. It is not always easy to tell which one is right for the work you need to do.

One way to start choosing the right one for you is to shop for one that suits your actual wood-splitting needs. For most work, you will not need the most powerful splitting tool available. When splitting wood for use in fireplaces or campsites, you only need a tool with average power.

Commercial splitters are best if you are splitting a large volume of wood. There are three types of splitters available. There are hand-held splitters, foot-log splitters or electric models. But as with everything online, make sure you read the log splitter reviews that you intend to purchase.

Hand-held tools from Northern tool are best for everyday use. The slide-hammer action is safer than swinging an ax and causing chips of wood to fly everywhere. Northern Tool offers an item made of heavy steel and a laser-cut edge. The custom-grip handle makes splitting wood easy.

A foot-log splitter gives you the power of over a ton of pressure when working with wood. Step on the plate. Your body weight will then depress the lever.

The foot tool works best for 18-inch logs with up to 10 inches in diameter. It folds up, so you can take it with you when you go on cookouts, camping or trips out in the field.

An electric splitter will deliver up to five tons of force. Using both hands, you can get this tool to split 20-inch logs. The steel construction is welded for durability.

Northern Tool is one of the biggest names in wood splitters and cover all types of wood used for splitting. Buy their products in-store or shop for them online. There is a complete line of generators, welding equipment, pressure washers, air compressors and other tools available. They can provide you with the advice you need when shopping for the right wood splitter.

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