Top 5 Tips For E-Commerce SEO in 2019

When you run a business that is selling products online, you need to make sure you have some tips that will help you with your SEO. If you are not properly optimized you would have issues in ranking your website or even in getting the sales you need. This is when you should use these tips, tried and tested by SEO expert to help you rank your products page higher than any of the competition.

1. Include A Meta Description

The meta description may be something that seems like it would be overkill, but it really is not when you consider this is how you can add information to draw in the visitors. At the same time, this can help the search engines figure out how to rank the website and even the product that you have listed. A description needs to be done for each of the products you list.

2. Use Properly Optimized Images

Images are going to be what can help the business make sales. The images allow the visitors to see what the product looks like. When you have the product properly optimized, though, it will help the page rank and it will even help you rank for the image results as well.

3. Avoid Duplicate Content

When you have multiple products listed that are similar it is very easy for you to list the same description. So you will want to make sure you look at the product description you are listing and that it is different each time. Then you can know for certain the product is unique in the way you are describing it.

4. Do Not Use Manufacturers Description

It is very tempting to take the short-cut at times and only use the description of the product from the manufacturer. However, if you see point 3 this would be duplicate content. So you need to put your own spin on the description.

5. Allow Product Reviews

The product reviews are a great way to have new content added to your website. This makes it easier for you to get the content added on a regular basis as well. So you need to make sure you allow product reviews to guarantee the customers are happy with what they are getting.

Being able to rank your e-commerce website is a good thing. However, you should make sure you use the five tips here to make sure you have your SEO done properly to get the rankings you need to have.

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